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Neverwinter News

    • Black Elf Camp about Neverwinter2014-04-21

      Yamashita Dungeons third layer - in: And the guy above dialogue after entering the third floor and Neverwinter gold, where the enemy is really, just a step down on was ambushed, but fortunately I had already guessed the hand, in order to eliminate the more successful around the dark elves. After opening the front door, a dark wizard Naxi La (Nathyrra) approached me, but she was friendly and actually talk to me, she said, and attack the Dark Elves Waterdeep opposition to one another, to another

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    • Dungeon Raiders depth mountain from nwgolds2014-04-14

      Yamashita Town second layer - the central area: Just enter encountered kill a Dark Elf in Elf, although I tried to help it, but still a step late in his body to get a key and a ' yellow chain ', came to the central area, leading to ' down the ladder ' is a well and at four different colored stone block, point to point only in the yellow stone platform into the ' yellow chains ' there was a chain, but the chain said pull this What also did not respond, it seems that this is an institution, have

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    • How dungeon floor from the second floor into the underground city2014-04-07

      Look buy NeverWinter gold in nwgolds.com, learn more NeverWinter also in here. Leading to the second floor near the front entrance in place, there are several channels at ⑥ colorful magic wall blocking the road ahead, there are four switches in the vicinity, which may be related to the magic wall, but now useless, What specific props may require authorities to crack here, or go to other places to see say. There are a lot of portals, these portals can transport you to some random place (

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    • NeverWinter News: Waterdeep transfer station2014-04-01

      Just the beginning, actually naked, original equipment are not, so cold, ah, this weather. When I was blaming the designer, when a guy came in, he seemed to be trying to steal something, and then I actually also attacked and killed after this guy got a few things from it to complete the task [ Reaper fetish ], when I was searching the room to see if there 's a box of clothes to wear, there was a little girl Tanxi Er (Tamsil), she kindly told me a lot of room next to the equipment, I can pick and

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    • NeverWinter For Rescue Lisa2014-03-29

      Return the stone back to the Temple of Tyre, to find Ruth on stone mask rescue tasks [Lisa] to give 500XP. Mercenary guild to find Te Lanka, the task is [surrounded by Neverwinter], get 1000XP and NeverWinter Gold. Back Neverwinter, to find Hai Zhuolin dungeon, telling him curse strength has been found, too 2000XP. Down the stairs into a large fortress cave, found Ford guru, into the back of the door, you will find here are four pillars of strength into the curse that no one was glowing, will

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